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What Are Bonds? This is the #1 Comprehensive Explanation


  1. What Are Bonds?
  2. Advantages of Making Bonds as Investment
  3. Disadvantages of Bonds as Investment
  4. Types of Bonds
  5. The Conclusion

Let’s think about long-term goals already having a job and steady income. Wedding plans, buying a house (with a mortgage), buying a vehicle (with credit), or continuing education (with education savings) are usually things that the average person thinks of as goals to be achieved in the future.

Do not forget and it should not go unnoticed is an investment because investing can help you achieve financial goals in the future. So, the next question is what kind of investment is suitable, and can it be used as an option?

From the amount of investment information circulating, it should be understood that seven investment products can be chosen. The seven investment products include savings, time deposits, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, gold, and property.

These investment products have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before making a choice, find as much complete information about the investment as possible.