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Check out 8 Right Investment Options for Single Parents, Prepare Planned Future

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Raising children and meeting family needs as a single parent is not easy. Many things must be done alone, such as taking care of children, doing housework, and working to improve the family’s economy.

Due to the various burdens that must be borne themselves, it is not uncommon for single parents to be smart in managing family finances and even look for additional money so that every family and child’s needs are not lacking.

Talking about children’s needs, preparing a child’s future for everyone is also an important responsibility, even for single parents. Not only the future of children but the future of yourself and your family must also be prepared as well as possible in order to live without worry.

Well, for single parents who want the best future for their children and family besides saving and increasing side jobs. Here are various types of investment products that are suitable for additional income to guarantee to prepare for the best future:

Home Property Insurance

Protect Your Assets With Home Insurance

For most people, the house is the most important asset in life. Not only the price of the building is expensive, but also the land and various furniture in it. However, ironically, there are still many people who don’t really care about their home insurance. In fact, the danger that threatens the house and the valuable assets in it can occur at any time and cannot be predicted. Can you guarantee your home will last forever? There are unexpected events that can happen, for example, fire, flood, theft, to the crash of an airplane.

For this reason, you need to consider having insurance. You should not just fixate on insurance when the house is being credited. However, you will also need to continue insurance after paying off your home. This is what often escapes people’s concern for their own assets. This is because knowledge about home insurance is not yet popular in the community. There are still many people who think that home insurance is useless. In addition, there is also an assumption that insurance companies are only after premiums and will not in the end bear it if anything happens.

Insuring a home means transferring all risks and financial burdens to the insurance company. Of course, losing your home is tantamount to losing your most valuable asset if no one is paying for the repairs. For that, register your home for insurance. However, beforehand, you need to learn what the insurance company covers and what steps you need to take to get started.

Global Insurance

Know the Types of Insurance Based on the Basic Aspects

Insurance as a form of risk reduction allows you to minimize losses arising from an unwanted event. The many risk factors, in the end, make you also have to choose what kind of protection is suitable for you.

These various risks that can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time make many types and products issued by the insurance company. This is all to accommodate the needs of the community who need a sense of security and protection from the shadows of adverse risks.

The types of insurance are very diverse and cannot only be seen from one aspect of the difference. There are different types of insurance in terms of management. There are also types of insurance that are distinguished based on their operational objectives. Finally, there are types of insurance that are differentiated according to the type of coverage.

The types of insurance will affect the various products produced. By knowing these two things, you can adjust the selection of insurance that feels most appropriate to your needs. The following is an explanation of the various types and insurance products.

Global Insurance Liability Insurance

7 Types of Risk in Insurance Industry That You Must Know

Insurance is a business of taking risks from the customer to the insurance company to feel comfortable joining the insurance program. Insurance must be smart in controlling risks so that the business is profitable so that customers also feel comfortable joining the programs offered. Before getting to know more about the types of risks that exist in the insurance industry, customers need to first understand the benefits of insurance itself. Here is the full review.

Liability Insurance

All About Liability Insurance: Definition, Examples, and Benefits

The definition of third-party liability insurance is insurance that provides financial protection from the risk of legal liability. So, this insurance will provide compensation money if the customer gets a lawsuit from a third party.

For example, we accidentally hit someone else’s car and they demand compensation for damage to the car. In this case, the insurance will replace the money.

This insurance will guarantee legal liability to third parties in the form of bodily injury and/or property damage in connection with work or business activities carried out by the insured.

Liability Insurance

But keep in mind, the compensation money paid by insurance is not based on an agreement between us and the third party. There must be a court decision. So, you can’t just shoot nominal

Now maybe you are still wondering if you are among those who need this insurance. To understand better, let’s see the next discussion in deep on this article!

Global Insurance

Benefits of Having Personal Accident Insurance, Everything You Need to Know

In addition to health and life insurance, a worker (especially if he is the main source of family livelihood) needs to specifically have an insurance product that protects himself related to the risks he faces, especially at work. Therefore, for those who have high-risk jobs, it is highly recommended to make accident insurance, so that work becomes safer.

There are many professions that are prone to the risk of personal accidents that need to be anticipated, especially for field workers or those working in the manufacturing industry. In accordance with labor regulations that every project or job in an industry must prioritize occupational health and safety so that both individuals and companies must protect their employees with personal accident insurance protection. This is actually also beneficial for workers and companies if there is a risk of work accidents.

Global Insurance Miscellaneous

These are 60 Insurance Terms You Need to Know, So You Don’t Fail To Understand

Many terms in the insurance world are not widely known or understood by ordinary people. Even though this is important so that they can understand when buying insurance products and can choose insurance that suits their needs.

For those of you who want to take out insurance or plan to buy insurance. Understanding insurance terms is something that cannot be underestimated.

Generally, a number of terms in insurance use English, but some use loanwords. All terms in the insurance can be found in the handbook provided by the insurance provider/company to policyholders.

But you don’t need to worry about this first. For those of you who don’t know much or don’t have enough time to study policies, here is a summary from about common terms in insurance that are important to know and their definitions.

Financial Tips Motor Vehicle Insurance

4 Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected, Works Powerful

Vehicle insurance is currently an important requirement for car owners. The vehicle will be protected from various risks that lurk with the right insurance product.

To get the best car insurance, you need to choose an insurance company that offers complete services. Premiums must also be competitive, not cheap, but not too expensive.

In addition, you are also required to understand the rules of the game that the insurance company applies in order to be able to use the service to its full potential. The reason is that many of the customers do not read carefully and study the insurance policy before signing the agreement.

Generally, problems occur when car insurance claims. Rejection often occurs because it does not comply with the policy. Even though you thought it would be easy to make a claim. If this is the case, you will definitely be harmed. You have paid the premium every month, but it turns out that the turn to claim is not according to the agreed rules.

Global Insurance

Insurance Claim Rejected, Here Are 10 Insurance Company Claim Rejection Reasons

The difficulty of managing insurance claims is often a scourge for insurance policyholders. Not a few also make this one of the reluctance to buy an insurance policy, be it health insurance, car insurance, or travel insurance. However, the difficulty of processing these claims is not without reason. Everything is in the agreement between the insurer and the buyer of the insurance policy and is legally bound. This means claims will not be carelessly rejected.

Here are the reasons for the rejection of your insurance claim:

Life Insurance

6 Common Mistakes in Buying Life Insurance You Should Know

Talking about insurance, maybe life insurance is the insurance that is still less popular than health insurance or unit-linked insurance. If you refer to the data held by the Life Insurance Association in my country, the total number of customers who have life insurance is fairly low. Even so, the insurance industry continues to grow every year.

At least this positive symptom is a sign that people are slowly becoming aware of the benefits of life insurance. Due to increasing age and heavy work, the risk of death that may be experienced also increases. Especially those who live in big cities. Because of that, people began to be interested in registering themselves to have life insurance.