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12 Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits, Works Perfectly

The frugal habits to save money, tips living a frugal life and enjoying it. Do the 12 methods below.

Who doesn’t love shopping? This one activity is certainly always a fun thing to do. Not only women, but many people also have a hobby of shopping. Not only young people, but parents are also always happy when they are shopping. Shopping can lead to feelings of happiness, of course, if we enjoy these activities happily.

Shopping habits must be carried out by applying several strict rules. This is to prevent being broken in the expense items. If it is not done well, this shopping hobby may have the potential to cause some waste in the financial budget, where we spend many funds to buy things that we really don’t really need. Instead of saving money, this extravagant habit can actually cause several problems and debt in the future. Troublesome, right?

There are many people who do not realize that they have put some waste into their life. This goes on like an unconscious habit and becomes something that seems normal in the life they live. If allowed to continue, this habit will be very difficult to change and break, especially if it is not accompanied by a strong enough commitment and desire.

The hardest things to get rid of are the things we enjoy because we will need hard work and will also need to conquer ourselves. However, that does not mean it is impossible to change, this can certainly be improved if we apply the right method to handle it. Do the 12 methods below to change the habit of extravagant life we have been living into a habit of frugality.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.1

Compose a Budget and Apply it Gradually

Budget in stages

When we are accustomed to being extravagant, we can be sure we have many problems in our financial budget. This will happen systematically, where the various items contained in the finance do not run smoothly and as they should. Do a rearrangement of the financial budget, implement various kinds of policiesPolicy The policy is a binding agreement and is agreed upon by the insurance company and policyholder in writing. An agreement made by the policyholder with an insurance company. in it that aim to stop wasting money. Do not consider this an easy job, we will need careful calculation and consideration in compiling a proper budget. Budget sensibly, don’t include several savings that are impossible for us to make.

After preparing a good budget, we can apply it in life. Remember, things cannot be changed to the extreme. We will find it difficult to overdo it. Make savings on the budget slowly and gradually, so that these actions can run easily and do not have a big effect on our daily activities. Make this easy and fun to do, we can give ourselves a reward for the achievements we do on that budget, this will make us more excited about making savings.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.2

Perform the Analysis

Regarding our excessive spending habits, it’s good for us to do a little analysis on it. Not all shopping activities are bad, but what should be thought about is which points from these activities make us happy and happy. Maybe we will be happy when we walk in the mall, or when wearing clothes that we just bought.

By knowing things like this, we can reduce the scope of our shopping habits. It could be that we actually just need to take a walk and enjoy a cup of coffee after work, so that means we don’t need to bring along credit and debit cards that can trigger us to shop, especially for those of us who are unable to resist doing so. Know well for what and why we spend money when shopping. Consider these two things wisely, so that we can control and manage our expenses while shopping.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.3

Know the Cause and Find a Solution

Find Out the Cause and Find the Solution

There are many things that cause people to shop and spend some money beyond what they need. This will really depend on the person’s habits. Some people even shop just because they have a lot of free time outside of their working hours, this is used for shopping to get rid of boredom. If it turns out that we shop for these reasons, then it’s a good idea to start looking for a solution to avoid the free time we have.

Traveling with friends to city parks, or just sitting chatting with friends at a coffee shop can be the right choice to spend time with. This, of course, will be far more beneficial than doing shopping activities that will spend a lot of our money on needs that are not really important. Do various things that can help us avoid shopping and wasteful activities.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.4

Frugality Slowly

Never make extreme savings in finances, this will make these savings a difficult or even impossible thing to do. Do this slowly and with a plan. Start with small things that seem easy for us to do.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.5

Make it a routine

Make it a routine

Everyone will have their own way of managing their finances. However, whichever way we choose, we should keep an eye on every expense we make in our finances. Always take the time on the weekend to calculate and also monitor the expenses that we have done. This will help us control and monitor finances properly. Do this as a mandatory activity as well as fun for us.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.6

Replace Old Habits with New Habits

There are many things that must change in our lives if we really want to start living frugally and not wastefully. We can do it easily and precisely so as not to make it difficult for us. For example, when we enjoy enjoying coffee made in a cafe, which is quite expensive, then we can change this habit by brewing our own coffee from home and bringing it to work. We can save money by still doing the things we love, easy, isn’t it?

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.7

Create Cheap New Habits

Cheaper with Homemade Coffee

We can just spend time just going to the cafe and getting a cup of coffee during work hours or during breaks. However, it will be easier and more efficient when we bring a thermos of coffee from home and can enjoy it quietly without having to bother going to the cafe. Adopt some new habits that are easier to do than our old ones. So, changing wasteful habits will not feel heavy.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.8

Avoid Temptation

When we know well what our weaknesses are, then we can easily avoid them and stay away from them. This also applies to the problem of our bad shopping habits, where we will often be at war with ourselves when we go to the mall and see lots of good things there. Stay away from malls and shopping centers, if that place makes it difficult to save money.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.9

Create Reminder Alerts

Create Personal Reminders

This will make it easier for us to have control in making expenses. Some people make marks on credit cards, notebooks, or even on the refrigerator to remind them of important things to do. Choose the most appropriate reminder for us, where we can see and do it easily.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.10

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Sometimes we go crazy or make mistakes and at one point we return to the habit of being extravagant. So, what needs to be done is we don’t need to punish ourselves for it. Focus and keep thinking about the savings that we planned from the start in the budget. Resume financial budget and make better savings in the days to come.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.11

Moral Support

Seek Advice from the More Experts

When we are really bored and tired of various financial problems that don’t get better, then it’s a good idea to go to someone or a financial expert to talk about it. That way we can get solutions and also support to be able to run finances better.

Tips to Turn Your Frugal Habits Into Thrifty Habits No.12

Keep on trying

Change is not an easy thing to do, there are times when we will fail and fall back into the same problem. Don’t be discouraged, get up immediately and return to running the budget in accordance with the policies we have set since the beginning. This will take a little longer, but if we are committed to doing it, then the waste can definitely be avoided.

The Conclusion

Know and Correct Weaknesses

When we talk about financial waste, often it has become a habit that has occurred over a long period of time. Of course, this is influenced by the way we prepare a financial budget and also apply it. Find out in which posts the budget always swells, then implement some special policies there to prevent it from happening again. If shopping is our weakness in controlling finances, then do this carefully and with full consideration.

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