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How Often Do You Use Public Transport? Protect Yourself with these 3 Types of Insurance

Choose the right type of insurance and according to your needs, so that you can get the maximum benefits.

Overview #

Using public transportation modes has become a necessity for many people. For example, going to the office, to a friend’s house, shopping at the mall, and so on. However, just like when using a private vehicle, the use of public transportation certainly also has the risk of accidents that can cause injury or even death.

The use of insurance is one of the right ways to manage various risks while using public transportation. Although it is widely known, the level of use of insurance products in the community is still very low, especially for this type of insurance.

If you are a person who cares about yourself and other family members, then make sure you immediately buy an insurance policy that can provide the right protection for every trip when using public transportation.

Here are some types of insurance that can be used as protection while using public transportation that has summarized from various sources.

How often do you use public transport? Protect yourself with these 3 types of insurance, No. 1

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Personal Accident Insurance #

In several countries throughout the year, there are cases of traffic accidents. Meanwhile, the number of victims who died due to traffic accidents also increased.

This addition is especially true if the numbers are very large, of course, part of fairly high risk to public transportation modes. So that you or other family members can be protected, there’s nothing wrong with considering purchasing personal accident insurance.

This product will provide insurance against several risks at once, including the risk of death, risk of permanent disability, maintenance, or medical costs arising from an accident on the road. In addition, this personal accident insurance will also provide protection in the form of compensation for several conditions at once, including if the insured dies, if the insured has an accident, and becomes disabled.

Meanwhile, if the insured has an accident and has to get treatment at the hospital, the insurance company will cover the cost of treatment or treatment, according to the contents of the policy concerned.

Currently, several online public transportation companies have provided accident insurance services for drivers and passengers. However, as a passenger, it is still mandatory to understand the provisions in the use of this insurance, because each company will certainly have policies related to the use of these services.

How often do you use public transport? Protect yourself with these 3 types of insurance, No. 2

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Travel Insurance #

If you often travel by airplane, then using travel insurance services is an important thing that cannot be ignored. This is very important, considering that the accident rate in flight is quite high.

In general, airlines will offer this insurance product when buying a ticket or even when you are at the airport. This product will provide protection against accidents and also medical costs for it.

The risks covered by travel insurance are quite comprehensive, including death due to accidents, treatment costs and also compensation due to accidents, medical expenses due to illness while traveling, including costs of repatriating the body if the policyholder dies on the way.

In addition to the various risks above, travel insurance will also cover various other risks on your trip, such as: compensation costs for flight delays, compensation costs for lost baggage, compensation costs for lost personal items during the trip, and various other costs. in accordance with the contents of the policy.

How often do you use public transport? Protect yourself with these 3 types of insurance, No. 3

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Life Insurance #

Life insurance is the insurance most commonly owned by most people. This insurance aims to provide protection for the heirs (family) if at any time the policyholder dies.

The sum insured received by the heirs will be adjusted to the contents of the agreement in the policy concerned. This insurance is generally intended for people who have dependents, be they spouses and children or even parents and other relatives.

Not only that, but the insurance company will also provide some money to pay off various debts left by the insured, if the person concerned still has a number of debts, such as home installments, car payments, credit card installments, and others. Currently, this life insurance product is quite easy to find.

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The Conclusion #

Choose the Right Product and According to Needs

So that every trip using public transportation feels safe, use the services of an insurance company to manage these various risks well. Choose the right type of insurance and according to your needs, so that you can get the maximum benefit from using these products.

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