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How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance, Health Insurance Hacks in 4 Ways

Do You Have Health Insurance from the Office? Here’s How To Maximize

For those who already know the pain of being sick and have been confused about the cost of treatment at the hospital, they must agree that health insurance is very important.

Even the government through the Health program service requires every company to register its employees to have this health insurance. With most of the contributions borne by the company, and a small part is deducted from the employee’s salary.

However, apart from the government health programs, private health insurance is still widely used, especially by those who work in a company.

Many companies provide 2 insurance services at once to their workers, so employees like you who work at the company can certainly get double benefits from the two products.

This is important, so that in the future you can get maximum health benefits. So, what is the best way you can take advantage of this?

It’s not difficult, here’s how to maximize health insurance from office facilities, as quoted from

How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance, Health Insurance Hacks No. 1

Find out the type of insurance used and the list of benefits

Don’t just become an insurance participant and pay premiums every month, you also need to be familiar with the insurance products that you have. This is important so that you can take full advantage of these insurance services.

Both the health program from the government or private insurance, both have various benefits. In general, this insurance is divided into several classes, where you will pay a number of contributions or premiums that are also different, depending on the class you choose.

However, it is directly proportional to the amount of this premium or fee, the services you can get will also be different. The higher the fees or premiums you pay, the more complete services you can access, including classrooms for hospitalization.

In addition, pay close attention to what health services you can access and enter into insurance coverage, especially for private insurance.

There are many important points that you must know well, such as: what is the maximum amount of your claim in one year, class facilities, what drugs will be covered, and others.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance, Health Insurance Hacks No. 2

Take advantage of the Program for the Use of 2 Insurance Services at a Time

In some countries, insurance users can already enjoy the COB “Coordination of Benefit” program, which allows users to use 2 insurance services at the same time when having medical treatment.

This program, created in collaboration with the government (health program) with the Life Insurance / General Insurance Association, will help you as an insurance user to save on medical costs and get more adequate treatment facilities by using both insurances that you have at once.

There are many benefits that you can get in this program, so make sure you understand them in detail.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance, Health Insurance Hacks No. 3

Understand the Claim Procedure Before Using It

In private insurance services, you may be free to seek treatment without complicated procedures, as long as the hospital has collaborated with the insurance company you are using.

This applies to all services, including when you want to access health services to a specialist. However, unlike the government health program, you are required to follow the referral procedure determined by the government health program, so that you will not be free to access all services without a referral from the lowest health facility.

You need to understand all of these medical procedures and claims from the start, so that you are not constrained when using your insurance, be it private insurance or government health programs.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance, Health Insurance Hacks No. 4

Consider the location of the hospital and its facilities

The location of the hospital and health facilities are important considerations that you should not ignore because this will affect your comfort when you seek treatment. In addition, the completeness of the health facilities at the hospital also needs to be a concern.

Choose the nearest hospital or health facility and have adequate facilities for your health. This will make it easier for you to get health services faster.

The Conclusion

Take advantage of Maximum Health

For those of you who use government health program services as well as private insurance provided by the company, you can get more benefits from these two products.

Understand well the various benefits that you can use, including the various conveniences of treatment. This is important so that you can get health services that are more optimal and easily accessible.

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