Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home

4 Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home, Works Powerful

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Buying your first home is certainly a big decision for all of us. The high cost of housing today makes potential buyers feel some difficulties, both in making decisions and also in financial problems.

Check out the tips below to make it easier for you to buy your first home.

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home No.1

Get as much information as possible about the house of your choice

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home
Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home: Information about your new home

Before buying your dream house, make sure that you have searched for all the information carefully and in detail, especially information about the financing that will be chosen to finance the purchase of a house. The tip for doing this is to look carefully and carefully at your installment table during the credit period.

Compare how much the ratio of principal and interest debt is at the beginning of the credit period, as well as how long the fixed interest applies. These tips are recommended for you because many people who buy their first home are based on recommendations from friends and relatives.

After getting all the information you need to pay attention to, don’t forget to determine your budget. Adjust it to your income and savings. Take into account additional costs in the future such as renovation costs, excise taxes, community contributions into your budget. If necessary, consult the bank or the property.

The next consideration is to see who the developer was. What is the developer’s track record so far? Are any homebuyers disappointed? Look at the testimonials of buyers on the internet. Is the developer often late in handing over his house? Check the quality of the construction of previous housing projects.

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home No.2

Determine the Payment Method for the House

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home
Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home: Pay for the house

Generally, the methods of home payment offered by developers are hard cash, gradual cash, and First-Time Homebuyer Credit. Hard cash may be doable if you have sufficient finances. The developers will give big discounts for homebuyers in this way. But it should be avoided if you can’t afford to pay at once in a very large nominal, in other words, if you need to pay it in installments.

For those of you who choose to pay in installments and have mediocre financial capabilities, how to pay with a mortgage and cash in stages will be a safer choice.

After determining how to pay for your house, also determine additional costs beyond the purchase price of the house itself, such as VAT, First-Time Homebuyer Credit, tax increase fees, and others. The price range cannot be determined with certainty, because of course it varies in each house, but it can be allocated around 15-20 percent.

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Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home No.3

The house was handed over in good condition

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home
Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home: House in good condition

After checking the condition of the house and the costs required, make sure that the condition of the house offered is in good condition, in other words, the house is in maximum condition. Are there minorMinor Policyholders who are under 21 years of age. defects?

If it turns out that there is damage, and you have to fix it yourself, did you know that the cost to maintain and repair a newly purchased house is around 1%-3% of the price of the house itself? At first glance, it may seem small, but it is better to be careful in buying than to incur costs that can be prevented.

If damage is found, the step that must be taken is to ask the seller to repair the damage, request a warranty, or warranty damage for a period, such as 6 months or 1 year. If any damage occurs within that period, the seller must pay the repair fee.

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home No.4

Pay attention to the area around the house

Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home
Simple Tips for Buying Your First Home: Conditions around the house

In addition to paying attention to the cost and condition of the house itself, don’t forget that the conditions around the house are also important. You don’t want to live in a dream house but the way out and the surrounding environmental conditions don’t support it, right? Pay attention to the main roads that connect your home to the city center and important locations, such as the hospital, your office, the airport, shopping centers, and more.

How long does it take from your house to get there? Are the surrounding streets easily accessible? These things are very important, especially if your target for living in this house is for a long period of time.

The Conclusion

Come to Seminars or Exhibitions Buying a Home for Beginners

The tips above can be useful for those of you who are buying a home for the first time. But of course, the problems and considerations faced by each person are different, and maybe many are not covered in these tips.

It’s better if you go to a seminar or home exhibition so that you can ask questions directly and get clearer information. You will get a selection of homes that fit the criteria, tips for paying, and also for caring for the home after you buy it. Congratulations on buying your first home!

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