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12 Most Bizarre Insurance in the World, the 12th is Really Weird and Absurd

Unique insurance products with Ridiculous insurance policies, the most weird insurance policies for celebrities.

Overview #

Many people already understand how important insurance is in life. By having insurance, your condition in the future will be guaranteed by the insurance company so that the losses you feel will be reduced. Generally, insurance is divided into several types, namely life, health, property, and motor vehicle insurance. However, this does not apply to the following 12 people. They insure for things that are not common, so you could say this is the weirdest insurance in the world. Curious?

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.1

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Foot Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Taylor Swift

Maybe you have often heard about this type of insurance. Many famous people who have done this insurance, for example, are the world football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who insured his feet for USD 100 million. Not only athletes insure their feet, but recently, Taylor Swift is reported to have insured their feet for USD 40 million. This insurance guarantees their feet from the risk of accidents or injuries, which will certainly affect their performance at work.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.2

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Whole Body Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
David Beckham

Everyone knows who David Beckham is. The man was originally famous for his prowess playing football on green fields and a world model for his good looks and perfect body. So that he always gets protection from accidents that injure his body, he insures his entire body for USD 195 million.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.3

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Finger Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Keith Richard

Who knows Keith Richard? Surely many people already know him. This great guitarist who started his career with the world-famous band The Rolling Stones insured one of his most valuable assets, namely his finger. As a guitarist, fingers are very important, because if there is an accident or injury to the finger, it will greatly affect the playing of the guitar. Therefore, he is willing to provide insurance for his finger worth USD 1.6 million.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.4

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Mustache Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Merv Hughes

For most people, having a beautiful mustache is a matter of pride and pleasure. This is also felt by Merv Hughes, a world-renowned cricketer. Apart from the unique shape of his mustache, he also feels that it is because of his mustache that he has become famous and feared on the cricket field. Based on that, he insured his mustache for USD 283,895. Fantastic price, right for a mustache?

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.5

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Nose Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Ilja Gort

You may not hear the name Ilja Gort very often, but for those of you who are true wine connoisseurs, surely you will know who he is. Yes, Ilja Gort is one of the world’s wine businessmen. The success of his business is greatly influenced by the ability of his nose to distinguish between types of wine. For this ability, he insured his nose for USD 8 million. This insurance will protect him from injury or accident to his nose, and in return, he is prohibited from boxing, all kinds of winter sports, and inhaling smoke.

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Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.6

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Vocal Line Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Bruce Springsteen

Every human being has a vocal cord, and not everyone thinks their vocal cords are so valuable that they have to be insured, but it’s different from Bruce Springsteen. This American singer, songwriter, and guitarist thinks that her vocal cords are very valuable. Indeed, thanks to his vocal cords that produce a melodious voice, he has won 17 Grammy Awards, 1 Academy Award, and 1 Emmy Award. Due to his success due to his vocal cords, he insured it for USD 5.5 million.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.7

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Eyeball Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Ben Turpin

In ancient times, being an actor was difficult, because they had to entertain the audience from their actions alone. But that was not too much of a hindrance for Ben Turpin, a comedian and world actor known for his unique ability to roll his eyes in opposite directions. Thanks to this ability, he was able to make the audience laugh and be entertained. Thus, he insured his eyeballs for USD 25 thousand. This is a very fantastic price, considering that Ben Turpin lived in the 18th to 19th century.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.8

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Hair Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Troy Polamalu

Out of respect for Samoan culture, a great rugby player named Troy Polamalu has not cut his hair in the last 10 years. As a result, his hair became so big and fluffy that his appearance became very eccentric. Thanks to his frizzy hair and big, he got sponsorship from a world-famous shampoo company, head & Shoulder which finally insured Troy’s hair for USD 1 million.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.9

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Smile Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
America Ferrera

Have you ever watched the television series The Ugly Betty? If so, then you know the main character, a poor girl who is unattractive but has a beautiful smile. The real name of the artist is America Ferrera. There is no doubt that the smile this woman has is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. With this smile, he was promoted by a teeth whitening company that insured his smile for USD 10 million as part of the promotion of the “Smiles for Success” humanitarian campaign.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.10

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Chest Fur Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Tom Jones

Unlike Bruce Springsteen who insured his vocal cords, this famous Welsh singer insured things that might not have occurred to the average person. Tom Jones insured one of the things he was very proud of, namely chest hair. Yes, he is very proud of his chest hair, so he insured it for an expensive price of USD 7 million.

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.11

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Comedy/Joke Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
Rich Hall

Not everyone has the ability to comedy. For Rich Hall, a famous comedian, his ability to comedy is very valuable and very expensive. Therefore, he insured his ability to joke for USD 1.1 million. This insurance will guarantee him the possibility of his comedy ability being lost permanently. Isn’t that strange?

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World No.12

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Sperm Insurance #

Most Bizarre Insurance in the World
David Lee Roth

You will never think of this insurance on this one. This is the weirdest thing anyone in the world has ever insured, namely sperm. The person who insured this was David Lee Roth, a world musician who made his debut in the 1980s. This sperm insurance protects her from unwanted pregnancy. So if he accidentally impregnates a woman, the insurance company will cover the costs of the child and David does not need to be responsible for fathering the child.

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The Conclusion #

Use Insurance is Important

Seeing the 12 insurance above might make you think, why are they willing to pay so much for insurance? Of course, the answer is because they realize how important insurance is to them, especially for assets that they consider very valuable. For things that are often considered unimportant, they are even willing to pay dearly. Especially with their health, life, motor vehicle, and property insurance. So if you think that your safety and security are important, use insurance.

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