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4 Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected, Works Powerful

How and What you need to prepare to avoid car insurance claims rejected in a proper manner. Here are the tips.

Vehicle insurance is currently an important requirement for car owners. The vehicle will be protected from various risks that lurk with the right insurance product.

To get the best car insurance, you need to choose an insurance company that offers complete services. Premiums must also be competitive, not cheap, but not too expensive.

In addition, you are also required to understand the rules of the game that the insurance company applies in order to be able to use the service to its full potential. The reason is that many of the customers do not read carefully and study the insurance policy before signing the agreement.

Generally, problems occur when car insurance claims. Rejection often occurs because it does not comply with the policy. Even though you thought it would be easy to make a claim. If this is the case, you will definitely be harmed. You have paid the premium every month, but it turns out that the turn to claim is not according to the agreed rules.

Car insurance claim

Car insurance claim

Similar to other insurance products, for car insurance, the claim submission process must be carried out according to the procedure set by the insurance company. If you do not comply, there is a risk of claiming to be rejected.

Avoid rejection of insurance claims in a proper manner. Here are the tips:

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected No.1

Immediately contact the insurance company

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected
Immediately Contact the Insurance Company

When something bad happens to your car, for example an accident, loss, damage due to flooding or other risks that must be addressed immediately, then contact your car insurance company.

Reporting requirements are a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the incident. So if possible, report as soon as possible, so as not to be late. This report will make it easier for you to submit a claim and the survey process as a claim procedure.

Explain to the insurance company the chronology of the events you experienced, so that they understand and are clear. If your car, for example, has an accident, immediately call the insurance company and file a claim. You will get tow truck service, repair at partner workshops, or others.

The insurance company will provide you with a claim form. Fill in and complete this form, so that it can be used to repair the car at partner workshops. Don’t forget to say that the claim documents are being prepared.

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected No.2

Prepare and present evidence

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected
Prepare and Show Evidence

Submitting a car insurance claim should be equipped with clear evidence. This shows that you are not making up an event to get compensation from the insurance company.

Evidence of an accident, for example, could be a photo of a car that is dented. The car is lost in the parking lot, indicated by CCTV evidence, as well as other evidence. In addition, this evidence can also be used as material for reports to the authorities (police).

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Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected No.3

Describe the chronology of events in detail and clearly

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected
Describe the Chronology in detail and clearly

When submitting a car insurance claim, you will be asked to explain the chronology of an event clearly. Not only that, you also need to answer various questions that the insurance claims department employee might ask.

Make sure you answer the question well. So remember very well, the chronology of the incident, the location, the time of the incident, the position of the car driver at the time of the incident, and so on.

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected No.4

Complete and submit the required documents

Tips to Make Your Car Insurance Claim Not Rejected
Complete and submit the required documents

Submitting a car insurance claim, the condition is that you must submit several important documents. This document is tailored to the needs of your claim and based on events.

Car accident claims:

  • Claim submission form
  • Certificate from the police
  • Photocopy of car insurance policy
  • Photocopy of Identity Card and Driving License
  • Proof of incident (several photos after the accident).

If the accident involves another person or a third party:

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card, Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration Certificate from a third party
  • Certificate from the police
  • A statement letter on the claim for compensation from a third party affixed with a stamp
  • A statement letter from a third party, in which it is written that the person concerned does not have insurance services

For lost claims due to theft:

  • Claim submission form
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card, Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • A letter from the police regarding the theft of your car
  • Proof of blocking Vehicle Registration Certificate for your vehicle.

The Conclusion

Choose TLO or All Risk car insurance?

Before buying an insurance product, make sure you first choose an insurance service that provides protection according to your financial needs and abilities. There are 2 types of protection in car insurance, namely All Risk or Comprehensive and TLO (Total Loss Only).

The All Risk guarantees all damage to your car. Starting from minor, heavy damage, to losing the car. Meanwhile, the TLO provides a guarantee in case of loss or damage of more than 75%. If the car is slightly damaged, such as a broken or scuffed rearview mirror, it will not be compensated by the insurance company.

These two types of car insurance offer different premiums. Of course, in the all-risk type, the premium is greater than the TLO. So, which one do you want to choose?

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